Please take the 5 minute survey for LivingADK to help us determine the feasibility of a cohabitation program in the Central Western Adirondack region to help our seniors and young families with year round housing.  Please take the survey if you are interested in learning more about the program, or about what being a host would entail.  This is NOT a requirement to participate if you take this survey, this is to understand interest.

LivingADK, for the last two decades, has cast a wide net and has been a resource to the towns throughout the Western Central Adirondack region.  Our focus on healthcare access, housing, environmental sustainability and economic growth within the region is of vital importance to the long term health of communities.  Your membership will help to ensure LivingADK's flexibility in helping to resolve community issues as they present themselves and to continue to provide sustainable change for our region consistently and into the future.

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