Please take the 5 minute survey for LivingADK to help us determine the feasibility of a cohabitation program in the Central Western Adirondack region to help our seniors and young families with year round housing.  Please take the survey if you are interested in learning more about the program, or about what being a host would entail.  This is NOT a requirement to participate if you take this survey, this is to understand interest.

Upcoming Education Events

 Click here to watch a recording of the 11/8/21 Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank

LivingADK was pleased to host a presentation by the Greater Mohawk Valley Land bank on 11/8 at 10am via zoom. The purpose of the presentation was to understand the impact this organization may have on the Central Western Region of the Adirondacks and preserving zombie properties in ways that can help our communities.  

"The mission of the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank (GMVLB) is to address vacant, abandoned and blighted properties located within the otherwise picturesque Mohawk Valley region. Local governments alone do not have sufficient resources or tools by which to identify, stabilize, rehabilitate and resell such properties, nor to undertake the process of deconstruction of those buildings that are beyond reasonable repair. The GMVLB would act in conjunction with Foreclosing Governmental Units (FGUs), other municipalities, and non-profit groups across the Six-Counties, to leverage all available resources to revitalize the region’s built environment, thereby making it more attractive to new development and investment."


LivingADK is a successful not-for-profit organization that prides itself on rippling out into the community by helping other organizations to be more successful.  In our grant writing, research and various project experience, we have come across a multitude of resources for local governments, not-for-profit organizations, and community members looking to make a difference in their community.  LivingADK acknowledges the incompleteness of this resource library, and encourages you to share with us the websites, documents and contacts that you find helpful within your own organization so that we can expand our resource library indefinitely.  We also encourage you to contact us for any assistance as we want to encourage and support the stakeholders in our communities and help them find the resources they need to keep doing great work.


  • LivingADK provides support resources and training to community organizations
  • Collaboration and connection is the roadmap to the best outcomes
  • Informed community members are engaged community members, we intend to share our tools
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