Please take the 5 minute survey for LivingADK to help us determine the feasibility of a cohabitation program in the Central Western Adirondack region to help our seniors and young families with year round housing.  Please take the survey if you are interested in learning more about the program, or about what being a host would entail.  This is NOT a requirement to participate if you take this survey, this is to understand interest.


As the threat of Global Climate Change further intensifies, we in the Adirondack region are obligated as communities to look inward at what we can do to reduce our environmental impact on this delicate and forever-wild forest surrounding us. Our economy is dependent upon our environment and protecting that environment must go hand-in-hand with developing a strong and thriving focused economy. LivingADK seeks to promote initiatives that find that essential balance between preserving our environmental heritage and natural assets while also bringing year-round robust economic growth to the area.  

We stand at the forefront of implementing new policies now that New York has passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).  LivingADK is using the Climate Smart Communities and Clean Energy Community programs hosted by the DEC and NYSERDA respectively as a guidebook for helping to update policy and procedure as well as identifying funding resources for conversions.  Living ADK has also used efforts like the Old Forge Farmers Market to increase access to local producers in reducing the communities carbon footprint while also strengthening the local food supply chain and supporting local suppliers.  LivingADK will continue to integrate environmental considerations into the conversation of the region to ensure a fair future.



  • Towns of Webb, Inlet & Forestport are registered in the Climate Smart Community program
  • Old Forge Farmers Market brings local produce to region
  • Business growth balanced with Environmentally Sustainable mindset is important to long term health of community
  • LivingADK brings Tree City USA, Clean Energy Communities, and Heat Smart initiatives to the regionĀ 
Environmental Sustainability

"We have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation."

-Francois Hollande

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