Hiking in the Adirondacks is a favorite activity of residents and visitors alike. There are countless trails and mountains to discover and there is few better ways to drink in the natural wonder of this region than by getting a water bottle and hoofing it.  The Adirondacks offers short day treks for the casual hiker, to hundreds of miles long multi-day trails for thru-hiking and camping, to 46 mountains over 4,000 feet for those that want to hike upwards.

Fires tower locations provide a great place to hike to that culminate in an incredible vista along with a touch with history.  The trees of the region change magnificently throughout the seasons from lush greenery in the spring and summer, to a colorful palette unlike any other in fall, right into the soft white blanket of snow in the winter months.

Strap on some snowshoes and enjoy the hiking trails year-round. 

Be sure to enjoy the varied flora and fauna of the area on your stroll, from mice to moose, butterflies to bats, and daphnia to dragonflies you are sure to see something worth seeing.


  • Flat day hikes to multi-day hikes over 4,000 foot peaks, there is something for everyone
  • Fire towers, mountains, lakes, rivers, lean-to's, waterfalls, there is always something interesting to hike out…
  • Winter provides even more touring options such as backcountry cross county skiing and snow shoeing

Additional Information

For those hikers looking for a challenge, (potentially with a prize at the end) there are a few towns that offer patches in the region for hiking goals.  Inlet offers the "Fulton Chain Trifecta," Indian Lakes offers "4-3-2-1," and Long Lake offers a hiking/paddling challenge.

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