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Broadband and cellular access is a utility like water, heat or electric.  In our modern society use of the internet, and more importantly fast/reliable internet and cellular service is a necessity.  Children attending rural schools rely on good internet access for remote learning.  In a place like the Adirondacks that lacks some basic healthcare resources, telehealth is invaluable to a large number of people.  EMT's, Firefighters and Police rely on fast and reliable internet access to provide life saving services to the people of our region.  Given these very important uses, LivingADK has begun focusing its efforts, in conjunction with various counties, municipalities and providers in the Western Central Adirondack region, in bringing broadband widespread across the Adirondack Park.

Laying infrastructure can be expensive and take time to complete.  Although this is the ultimate solution, LivingADK is also looking at community based short-term solutions.  Programs such as converting the former Town of Inlet School into a desk rental service acts as a community hub where telecommuters, amongst others, can go to work with internet access has been an inexpensive and quick solution to a community need.

It is our belief that along with the lifesaving services necessary for year-round residents, seasonal residents and visitors, broadband technology is critical for innovation and entrepreneurship.  Remote work provides an opportunity for our community like never before.  The Adirondacks is the perfect place to raise a family, enjoy the outdoors and to then work from home year-round anywhere in the world.  LivingADK has been working with a consortium of other counties, cities and the Adirondack Action organization to identify grant funding for infrastructure expansion.  Adirondack Techs and Development Authority of the North Country have worked in conjunction with LivingADK to bring broadband fiber to various deserts around the Western Central Adirondack region.  We will continue to represent the needs of this area in regards to broadband access and cellular service is a necessity.


  • LivingADK Broadband Committee to increase broadband access
  • Broadband holds the key to economic innovation, remote learning and healthy citizens
  • Community based solutions such as desk rental services to aid communities in the short-run
  • Emergency Communications and Cellular towers installed between Inlet and Old Forge to aid emergency responders 

"There was a time when people felt that the internet was another world, but now people realize that it's a tool that we use in this world."

Tim Berners-Lee

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