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The LivingADK InDeed Housing Legacy Program is a program designed to help increase primary/year-round home ownership in the Town of Webb area.  The concept is simple: current homeowners, or people looking to be homeowners can apply to receive cash funding to aid them in their home purchase or renovations. 

  • To be clear, this is not a loan. This is money given directly to those who qualify to use as they would like in exchange for an encumbrance on your deed.
  • Future homeowners can use the money as down payment. We want to help new homebuyers achieve homeownership in the Webb area. 
  • Current homeowners planning to sell their homes in the next few years can use the money for necessary home repairs or energy efficient modifications.

What is the catch? 

In exchange for monetary compensation, LivingADK will help you easily, quickly and legally apply an encumbrance to the deed of the home in the form of a deed restriction.  That encumbrance will make sure that your home will forever remain a year-round residence.  This stays with the deed of the home, so that even if you sell your home, the next buyer will be a person permanently engaged in this community.  Your home becomes a community legacy. That's it. 

Our goal is to create a legacy of housing in the Town of Webb area.  Our schools need children, our Fire Department and EMS services need volunteers, our health care services need employees, our local churches and civic organizations need families to participate.  Your home is your legacy in this community.  If you will be moving out in the next few years, why not ensure that your house is used as a home FOREVER?  If you are looking to buy a home, not only can this program help you achieve home ownership, but you know moving forward that the home will always contribute to the community in a meaningful healthy way.

Anyone can apply.  You can choose what this deed restriction is worth to you and how much money could be helpful to you in compensation.  LivingADK will not accept all applications outright, but it is the beginning of a conversation about a mutually beneficial exchange.  We hope to maximize benefit to the community and to current or future homeowners.  Let us help you help others.

Let us help you make your HOME a LEGACY.  

InDeed Housing Legacy Program

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