Food systems are complicated and LivingADK has begun connecting dots in the Western Central Adirondacks to work on strengthening all levels of food security within our region.
We are addressing the 30,000 foot view such as mapping our food systems, finding ways to connect growers to restaurants/stores/consumers, food surveys, etc.  LivingADK has partnered with Mohawk Valley Economic Development District and Cornell Cooperative Extension Herkimer County to collect area food access data.  This data will help our organization, and others, focus on programs that will actually help community need.
We currently run the Old Forge Farmers Market, which has helped connect farmers to our locals and seasonal tourism population for over 14 years.  As well, we have partnered with the Inlet Area Community Task Force and the Inlet Common School Board to help bring farm fresh produce to the Inlet/Eagle Bay/Raquette Lake area from our friends at Banks Farm in Boonville.
We continue to support Exter Park Produce and Garlic with their bi-monthly delivery of locally farm produced goods in Thendara. As well, a similar partnership with Banks Farm to support their food box delivery program that expands service of the Inlet Farm Stand to the residents around the Raquette Lake school.
To address food cost subsidies, we have partnered with Blue Mountain Collective's Hamilton County Cares program to subsidize goods at the Inlet Farm Stand. In addition, LivingADK carries its own food subsidy program that those in need can use at the Old Forge Farmers Market.  To date, this program has delivered over $25,000 in direct nutrition assistance to local residents directly out of the market's vendor rental income budget.
We have most recently partnered with Inlet Area Community Task Force in their effort and mission to establish local community gardens and expand local gardening/agriculture education.  Lastly, we have begun strengthening our relationship with Adirondack Action in an effort to transplant and expand their very successful programs around food access and composting to the Western Central Adirondack region.  


  • Sponsored/Run Old Forge Farmers Market since 2008
  • Creating partnerships on all levels of food security
  • Addressing the interplay between food access, healthcare, environmental change and economy
  • We connect our region to programs in the Mohawk Valley, the North Country, and Park-wide