Please take the 5 minute survey for LivingADK to help us determine the feasibility of a cohabitation program in the Central Western Adirondack region to help our seniors and young families with year round housing.  Please take the survey if you are interested in learning more about the program, or about what being a host would entail.  This is NOT a requirement to participate if you take this survey, this is to understand interest.

LivingADK is committed to leverage existing community strengths in creative ways to find solutions for challenges that most Western Central Adirondack communities are facing.  LivingADK is devoted to listening to the needs of communities and finding grant funding where possible to make their goals a reality.  In many of the communities around the region, we have identified broadband connectivity, community housing options, healthcare access and an economy that is balanced with environmental sustainability as the major areas of focus.  We also strive to help the region as a whole and to connect the stakeholders within individual communities so that efforts to make change are successful on a larger scale.


How We're Making a Difference


Workforce housing is an important piece of our community ecosystem and we want to ensure fair and equitable access to homes for the future of our towns, hamlets and region.

Healthcare Access

Healthcare access in the Adirondacks can be difficult for our community members in general and for our seniors in particular and LivingADK is working to overcome this challenge.


Broadband infrastructure and cellular access is an ever more important facet of life throughout the Adirondacks for telehealth, remote learning, telecommuting and beyond.  We are working to close out broadband and celluar deserts to keep our economy and people connected.

Environmental Sustainability

Creating an economy and local infrastructure that is environmentally sound to protect what makes the Adirondacks great.

Economic Development

Economic development and small business support are paramount to success of communities long term.