The Adirondack aesthetic comes from the rustic nature of the landscape and the intrepid people that have historically sought to live within that landscape.  Native American people, fur trading Europeans and the lumberjacks have all blended to create unique colors and styles.  Artisanal skills such as canoe making, basketry and pottery have grown out of the need to be self sufficient in this forever wild place. The vibrant hues in the fall leaves and the blanketing snow of winter make the Adirondacks a must-see for photographers and outdoor explorers alike.  Folk music and Americana tell tall tales of explorers past and the pioneers that called this place home.   


  • Art centers and museums dot the park to preserve the unique Adirondack art history
  • Explore the canoe craft, basket weaving, pottery and other artisan works demonstrations
  • Folk songs on the waterfront sound even more authentic as they echo through the trees

Additional Information

Most of the towns and villages in along the Route 28 corridor provide inexpensive or free concerts, art and craft shows, antique events, demonstrations and other celebrations of art and entertainment for visiting families.  As well, dedicated art centers provide year-round classes, seminars and museum exhibits both for enjoyment and to keep alive artisan practices for the next generation of Adirondack talent.

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