The economy of our communities is primarily tourism-based.  LivingADK will seek to encourage and support the development of year-round diverse economic sectors that expand our business base. LivingADK will actively work with the NYS Regional Economic Development Councils, the Central Adirondack Association (CAA), Inlet Area Business Association and the Adirondack Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) in promoting an expanded business base. 

Focusing on bridging the summer and winter tourism season with fall and spring attractions would allow local businesses year-round tourism dollars and provide seasonal workforce year-round employment opportunities. However, it is not enough that people come to visit the Adirondacks, they must want to return. A strong tourism economy requires things to do, places to visit, places to eat, sleep and play.  It must provide engaging cultural and artistic based activities, which promote local and regional artists and musicians, and a retail sector that provides basic needs such as gas, drug store needs and groceries. Small businesses are the core of our communities and LivingADK will strive to assist business and job growth development.

Expanding the base of the Western Central Adirondack economy beyond tourism is a priority.  Innovation, entrepreneurship, and home grown production require a rich soil to seed. LivingADK is striving to effect change through the creation of a regional economic plan that can create maker-spaces for a future generation of producers and innovators.  This group, the Central Adirondack Regional Corridor, a consortium of leaders from all parts of the region is actively working on this plan.  We want to continue to promote the Adirondacks as a recreational and cultural destination highlighted as a great place to start your new local business. 


  • Expanding tourism into the shoulder seasons of spring and fall
  • Create regional maker-spaces to encourage home-grown artisans and tradespeople
  • Invest in broadband infrastructure to increase startup business potential
Economic Development

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our neighborhood, the spine of our local economy, and the spirit of our town.

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